GiGi Pre-Hon 8oz

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  • Protective conditioning
  • May be used on face and body
  • For use with all GiGi hair removal products
GiGi Pre-Hon Pre-Epilation Cleanser is formulated to cleanse the skin of makeup, deodorants and body oils.

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First step for effective hair removal. Formulated to clean the skin of make-up, creams, deodorants and body oils, its special antimicrobial ingredients help protect skin from irritation. For use with all GiGi hair removal systems. * You will notice a decrease of appearance of small post depilatory buttons on your clients!

  1. Apply an appropriate amount of GiGi Pre-Hon Gigi on a cotton pad and gently scrub the area to be waxed for cleaning.
  2. Dry the skin thoroughly by tapping with a tissue to absorb oil and moisture as needed.
  3. Then apply the talcum powder and proceed with the waxing with Gigi wax.