Gel Resin Cap and Brush

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Replacement cap and brush for 15ml plastic bottle

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Brush rotation This document is for informational purposes because brushes should not have to be changed when used properly If you need to change the brushes of your glue such as resin brush, alpha resin and gel brush, here’s how: • Discard the faulty brush • Replace the brush with that of a new bottle • Then, take the brush of the preparation with the brush and put it in the new bottle which is now without brush. A delay of 24 hours before use is suggested. • Finally, put a new brush in the brush preparation so that it is ready for another rotation. Little tricks to avoid making the brushes stick • Do not crush the brush when applying the product • At the time of finishing, make sure to have enough product on the brush so that the hair does not come into contact with the gel base. Make sure that the gel base is completely evaporated.