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Builder Gel Clear is a single-phase, self-leveling, transparent building gel with an innovative 12-free-of formula free of allergens and irritants. With the help of Builder Gel you can build different shapes of nails of any length. It is also great for hardening and strengthening the natural nail plate, which is weak and brittle, as well as for the extension of natural nails and the reconstruction of bitten / broken nails. Builder Gel is appropriately dense, so it does not run over the cuticles. Under the influence of the heat of the hand, the gel becomes even more plastic and it is easily spread with a brush, giving the nails the right shape. It hardens evenly, smoothly, without the formation of pores. In the method of clamping the C-Curve, after curing in a UV / LED lamp, the gel does not expand and retains its shape. The hardened gel is easy to file, which saves time on developing the appropriate shape of the nail, at the same time, during filing, no air pockets are formed on the free edges. The gel works great with the natural nail plate.

  • 15ml
  • 50ml
  • French Pink
  • Milky White
  • Clear
  • BB Gold
  • BB Silver
  • Cover Natural
  • Cover Pink
  • Cover Warm
  • White
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Couleur Gel Inveray

French Pink, Milky White, Clear, BB Gold, BB Silver, Cover Natural, Cover Pink, Cover Warm, White